The IEC standards used for testing and certification are as follows. The IEC standards version is the latest version or an older version. If you want to know the specific edition, please contact us via “contact Form”.

General requirements IEC 60079-0
Flameproof enclosures “d” IEC 60079-1
Pressurized enclosure “p” IEC 60079-2
Powder filling “q” IEC 60079-5
Oil immersion / Liquid immersion “o” IEC 60079-6
Increased safety “e” IEC 60079-7
Intrinsic safety “i” IEC 60079-11
Pressurized room “p” and artificially ventilated room “v” IEC 60079-13
Type of protection “n” IEC 60079-15
Encapsulation “m” IEC 60079-18
Dust ignition protection by enclosure “t” IEC 60079-31
Intrinsically safe electrical systems IEC 60079-25
Equipment with Equipment Protection Level (EPL) Ga IEC 60079-26
Protection of equipment and transmission systems using optical radiation “op” IEC 60079-28
Electrical resistance trace heating – General and testing requirements IEC 60079-30-1(deprecated)    IEC/IEEE 60079-30-1
Special protection “s” IEC 60079-33
Equipment assemblies IEC TS 60079-46
Vaccum cleaners and dust extractors providing equipment protection level Dc for the collection of combustible dusts IEC 62784
Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres – Basic method and requirements ISO 80079-36
Non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres – Non electrical type of protection constructional safety “c”, control of ignition source “b”, liquid immersion “k” ISO 80079-37