Factory Audit

    • As defined in ISO / IEC 17067 or JIS Q 17067, the type 5 certification of conformity assessment scheme requires a factory audit. In the certification system of a country/ region that adopts Type 5 certification scheme, factory audit is performed and a review
    • TIIS can issue audit reports of the following overseas certification, by conducting factory audits on behalf of TIIS itself or TIIS MoU parties.

        ○ QAR in the equipment certification scheme of IECEx
      1. ○ QAN in ATEX (European Explosion-proof Directive)
      1. ○ KC Mark Factory Audit Report of Korea
      1. ○ Ex-CCC Factory Audit Report of China

         Note: For other countries/ regions, please contact us individually.

For factory audits, Please contact the Planning Headquater.