FAQ (Application Supporting)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Application Supporting

Q. Acquiring explosion proof certifications both in Japan and in other countries at once is laid out on the table. Can I get any TIIS applicaion suport ?
A. Yes. By acquiring IECEx certification by TIIS, both Japanese domestic certification and overseas certification can be acquired as One-Stop-Service. We also support the application for the desired overseas certification.
Q. What specific support can I get from TIIS?
A. We support the preparation of below documents and/or the application forms on behalf of you

1. documents related to certification / certification of equipment
foreign language translation (English, Chinese and Korean) of certificate of domestic certification
test result, certificate of conformity (CoC) and test certificate (ExTR) of IECEx
2. a set of application forms
inquiries, progress confirmation, countermeasure support for additional requests,
draft confirmation f certificate, final version receipt, etc.

  If necessary, it is possible to accept additional tests and evaluations.
Q. Specifically, for which overseas certifications can you support applications?
A. ・Main past record:
for technical cooperation agreement (MoU) contracting organizations,
located in Northeast Asia (Korea, China and Taiwan), Europe,North America, etc.
– please see MoU (Memorandum) for the destination of Technical Cooperation Agreement (MoU) –

KCs certification and S mark in Korea
TS certification in Taiwan
GB certification and CCC mark in China
EU ATEX and CE mark

Q.Is the support only for explosion-proof equipment and TIIS certified items?
A. No. We support the equipments related to explosion-proof equipment, for example, semiconductor sensers, pressure vessels,etc. for application of CE certification in Europe, SEMI in Korea and S mark in Korea.
In addition, we also support the other industrial equipments for application for CE certification in Europe, KCs certification in Korea, and S mark.