FAQ (IECEx Cerification)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the IECEx Cerification

Q.We, a manufacturer, have a QAR that an ExCB has issued. Is it possible to change the ExCB to TIIS as a body who assesses QMS and issues QAR?
A. Yes, it is possible. We hope to listen to your situation and then we suggest some plans for it. Please contact International affairs department.
Q.We have an Ex equipment certified by TIIS. Is it possible to issue an IECEx CoC?
A.It is possible to apply as a new application. There are some differences from Japan’s national certificate. Please see the Application guide for your preparation. It is not allowed to omit type tests even if we have the test data when TIIS has issued the certificate of Japan’s national certificate. All test data for any certificate other than IECEx are used reference only, so type tests shall be done again.
Q.Is it possible to apply both IECEx and Japan’s national certificate simultaneously?
A.Yes, it is possible. We can arrange and suggest how to do it. Please contact International affairs department.
Q.Is it possible to distribute an Ex equipment when it is issued IECEx CoC?
A.It needs to comply with the local regulation. A lot of countries and areas including Japan require the local or national certificate to do it. There are some advantages when the equipment has been certified. When manufacturer wants to export its products to a country which they join the IECEx System, they would accept the CoCs and ExTRs.
Furthermore, if you have the certificate that TIIS has issued, TIIS is able to support other countries certification. Please contact International affairs department.
Q. Is it possible to change the constructions / characteristics / parameters of the Ex equipment?
A. Yes, it is possible. There is no limitation to change or add the contents of application.
It should be noted that the price of the certificate may be changed because of our application fee system. TIIS would revise the fee and the plan for test / assessment if any change is happening.
Q. Is it necessary to attach any test results which are done by the manufacturer or applicant?
A.No, there is no need to attach test results.