Fees related to IECEx CoC, ExTR and QAR certification services

1. Calculation of fees

As a rule, the fee to estimate and request is calculated by multiplying the unit price according to the work and the basis such as work time. The table below shows the classification of work unit prices.

Unit price classification Description Basics Remarks
general labor costs A unit price applied to clerical work, examination work, etc. Time, number of people
Estimated personnel costs Unit price applied to structural inspection, evaluation, estimate work, etc. Time, number of people
equipment cost Unit price calculated from depreciation etc. Time, type applicable to measuring instruments and test equipment
Consumables Requirements for testing and measuring gas etc.
Various certificate issuance fees IECEx CoC, QAR, and ExTR Numbers Includes a fee to pay to the IECEx system
Travel costs Transportation and accommodation expenses required for business trip examinations and attendance examinations Personnel expenses etc. Based on travel expenses rules
Others Operational expenses, related expenses, overhead expenses Numbers

2. Fee considerations

Please note the following regarding fees.

  • Estimated trial plans and preliminary estimates for provisional contracts will be calculated within 2 hours. Therefore, they may differ from those in this Agreement.
  • We will not charge you if we do not reach the preliminary agreement. However, after the temporary contract, costs will occur.
  • The test plan and quotation in this contract are calculated based on the standard work process. Actual work may differ from the estimate.
  • For work based on time and number of people, we will charge an estimated cost based on the time actually spent and the number of people who worked.
  • If the work does not proceed according to the test plan in this contract, the test will be replanned, estimates will be made, and the applicant will be notified.
  • Consumption tax will be charged separately.

The flow of the issue of IECEx various certificates concerning fee is from here